Material Recovery Through Effective Recycling

  Sustainable Recyclable Traceable Circular Material Recovery Through Effective Recycling

Recycling & Sustainability

In the next 2 years AIRA forecast to recycle in the region of 720,000Kg/750,000Kg or 720/750 Metric Tonnes of aircraft interior material waste from the manufacturing process, maintenance lifecycle and end of life that would normally go into landfill. This will equate many tonnes of CO2 saved.

One of the biggest contributors to climate change is energy usage and generation from fossil fuels, from the carbon gases released on combustion and the ecosystem damage caused during the extraction process.     

The recycling of materials is essential for the environment in terms of saving landfill space and avoiding resource wastage, but how does recycling help the environment directly and contribute to energy savings?

Recycling saves resources, thus reducing the impact on the planet, and saving costs.

Since recycled products have already been extracted, preparing them for final use requires up to 80% less energy. It is simply a matter of collecting and separating them, and then processing them into final products again and again. This is significantly better for the environment and much cheaper too.

AIRA have developed recycled materials further to be able to use them within the circular economy, so that our end users can use them to produce other products in other industries which in turn will be recycled and used again and again.

Consumers are increasingly becoming conscious of how their consumption patterns affect the planet and are pushing for a move towards a circular economy.
Investing in recycling and committing to sustainable practices can improve your brand reputation and thus attract more loyal customers.

It is easy to dismiss recycling as an unnecessary activity, but as we have illustrated above, there are clear and immediate advantages involved.

So, when you choose to invest in a recycling programme for your business, you are not just helping the environment – you are padding your bottom line. AIRA is working towards offering a comprehensive suite of innovative technologies to reduce carbon emissions and enhance your sustainability credentials within the airline and aviation industry.


AIRA are certified by The Environment Agency here in the UK and are registered as an upper tier waste carrier, broker and dealer of materials and commodities.

AIRA also hold the ISO 14001Environmental Management System for The provision of Aviation Sustainability