Material Recovery Through Effective Recycling

  Sustainable Recyclable Traceable Circular Material Recovery Through Effective Recycling

Carbon Footprint Consultancy

AIRA are working with it`s clients to help them understand how saving C02 and reducing their carbon footprint in various different ways through the whole lifecycle of their products and the materials they choose can help them save money and win more business while making their clients more sustainable as well.

We are also helping our clients well on their way to achieving sustainability, and making sure they are compliant and sustainable with CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility) & ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) at the same time.

To achieve this, collaboration with our clients is key. The benefits to our clients profile expands to their clients profile. Aircraft interior manufacturers and airlines that are looking at sustainability need to know how our collaboration works and what the benefits are, so that your end users, the passengers know how you are working successfully on aviation sustainability.

AIRA with its partners have the capabilities and knowledge to verify and independently certify any aircraft interior materials that are recyclable, sustainable, and circular, and are able to work with designers and any aircraft interior OEM`s on any projects regarding sustainable material procurement.

We evaluate all important data and LCA information of materials used in products and components and analyse the path these materials will go to be recycled. CO2 savings is calculated from the waste that is produced from the manufacturing process through to new aircraft interiors lifecycle and also supporting airline`s end of life components by giving you the options to recycle through AIRA.

With our vast knowledge of aircraft interior materials, we are able to consult with our clients and provide expertise and an objective eye to help guide them on what materials are the best for their interiors with regards to CO2, recycling options and circular economy possibilities. Some materials may look and feel the same but there can be a vast difference between them in various ways. 

We can help you choose materials for your new products, and how the products and components can be assembled and dismantled for recycling and can also identify which materials have the lowest CO2 emissions, which materials and production processes produce less waste, which materials are easily recyclable and can enter into the circular economy and be used again and again. 

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