Material Recovery Through Effective Recycling

  Sustainable Recyclable Traceable Circular Material Recovery Through Effective Recycling

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The first sustainability & Recycling system in Aviation.

The AIRA Q qualifying system, is a certification system for the aircraft interior material supply chain and holds data on materials that have been thoroughly tested by AIMRC & AIRA for recycling and sustainability.

The AIRA Q is a qualification system that aims to standardize the materials within the cabin which we know can be recycled at both the manufacturing process as well as end of life. This qualification system has helped us set up the AIRA Q numerical recycling ID system for each and every material of each and every part with a part number used within the cabin, and is very easily combined with the OEM parts ID numbers through to the new component parts manufactured for the interiors and is easily adaptable to be entered into the CMM (Component Maintenance Manual) so that maintenance technicians and end of life dismantling teams will be able to check the CMM and find out what material it is and be able to segregate and separate the materials correctly for the recycling process.

If we know we can recycle the materials at the procurement and manufacturing stage, we know exactly what materials will be coming through at the end of life as the materials data will already be logged and identified for each part and component.

The AIRA Q system will represent materials from the material manufacturers, and products and components from OEM`s that are used within the production process for all aircraft interiors and will be certified and verified by AIRA Q as 100% recyclable as tested for material identification, recyclability, sustainability, traceability and circularity by AIRA Q

The AIRA Q system will make it easy for your aviation customers to identify your products based on sustainability performance and will be the one they want to see when procuring aircraft interior materials in the future. The AIRA Q symbol will hold the key to the sustainability of materials, products and components from the manufacturing process all the way through to the end of  life with its own internal environmental parts & components unique identification system which will be able to be used through AIRA and its worldwide network of recycling partners.

Through many years of research we have collaborated with aircraft interior material manufacturers and OEM`s to develop a system with a complete infrastructure model of confidentiality, identification, recyclability, sustainability and traceability from the raw materials, to the OEM`s parts and components through to the airlines chosen interiors parts and components that totally sets the sustainability standard for the whole of the aviation interiors industry.

AIRA Q with its partners AIMRC (Aircraft Interior Materials Research Centre) have compiled a comprehensive list of aircraft interior sustainable suppliers and materials which will set the highest standard of aircraft cabin sustainability.

Materials are tested in various ways for various reasons.

AIMRC look at what the particular material is part of what component, and test several processes for separating and segregating the materials for efficiency, financial viability, material market value, circulatory of materials and end users for recycling from the manufacturing process and further processing through the components lifecycle through to end of life. 

With our vast experience and knowledge of these materials from aircraft interior manufacturing, component assembly, refurbishment, repair, composite repair, line maintenance, base maintenance, and the disassembly processes of commercial and VIP aircraft interiors, we think we have all angles covered for you and your clients to be able give you piece of mind on material choice, sustainability, traceability and recyclability.  

Our system offers the choice to compare all aircraft interior materials and components for weight of materials, carbon footprint, CO2 reduction comparisons, recyclability, sustainability and circular economy during the design stage and also how the materials stand up to their entire lifecycle and end of life for your clients and also the support of AIRA on how and where they can deal with these materials. This process can also be carried out on existing products that are already in use by airline clients during the aircraft refurbishment and maintenance programmes.

Our material research methods will give you the best chance of producing an aircraft interior component that is 100% sustainable for you and your clients airline with full support from AIRA Q and its partners starting from the selection and procurement materials, through component production and product manufacture, to use and ultimate disposal. We consider environmental impacts in a number of categories, such as resource use, climate change effect, water pollution and waste production used for your components.